Our Capabilities:

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing:

We will build a complete hydraulic cylinder to custom specification. Alternatively, clients may provide us the stroke length and tonnage requirements for a full design and build service.

High pressure, heavy lifting and ruggedized builds are our specialty. We are capable of customizing every aspect of cylinder construction for the application you are planning for.

Cylinder barrels can be manufactured to any diameter or wall dimension specified. Non-standard sizes can be easily manufactured. Stainless steel construction for marine environments is also possible.

  • (Machined components of a new tie rod cylinder)
  • (Two small differential cylinders manufactured to specification)
  • (Cylinder engineered and manufacutred for automative application)

Turn-Key Cylinder Manufacturing for Specialized Applications

  • (Low volume production of blow moulding cylinders)
  • (Blow moulding cylinder manufactured form scratch, piston, shell, etc.)
  • (Blow moulding cylinder manufactured form scratch, mounting ring)
  • (Blow-moulding cylinder manufactured form scratch)
  • (Blow moulding cylinder manufactured form scratch)
  • (Blow-moulding cylinder manufactured form scratch)